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"Considering I’d be an imposter of myself, I kind of have to. But still, it’s nice to know…"

Tiger shook her head kindly. “Non, it is the other man who is an imposter of you. I am glad to call you mon ami, et the other man certainement is not.”

"Tiger, the other man didn’t know you. Not that that would mean he cared but he didn’t know you. Salamander is… he’s ruthless, and there’s very little he cares about. Hell, there were only three countries he left untouched by the disasters and one of those was only because that was where he presided."

Tiger nodded, but looked down, suddenly feeling quite saddened. “I can feel it,” she said softly, almost whispered. “It may not be right, but I can feel your conflict, your pain at once having been him. You did not correct me in calling him another person. You do not like him, mais I do not think he likes you either. It is as though you have a Jekyll and Hyde relationship with him.”

ittigerburningbright asked:

"You two should really learn how to get along with each other."


"Hmph! Never!"

//Ohhhh I hate you. I never have this problem with Sarah or Liz!

"Oh bugger off!!"

"If you hate each other this much, why are you mun et muse? This is more confusing than anytime in time et space."

Mun: You two are weird. Weird I tell you. Now get along and play nice or I’ll sique [sp?] Tiger on the both of you.

ittigerburningbright asked:

"S'il te plait, do not tell me you are going to join a circus aussi. You are already a mess as it is without their influence."




"I have no intention of making a spectacle of myself, I promise.  If there was some chance for me to join the circus, I would simply purchase it and remain the silent owner.  I think the books have been enough of a spectacle without people literally applauding my antics."

Tiger let out an audible sigh of relief. “Oui, I could see you buying one, since you are rich enough…. Why have you not bought one?” she asked curiously.

"Never really thought about it.  Maybe I should."  Armand considered for a moment before raising a brow, "Why do you ask?  Are others joining the circus?  I would hate to miss out if this is the new thing."

Tiger wasn’t used to what she did next: she made a very visible, very exaggerated, completely over-the-top eye roll. True, uncharacteristic of her, but it displayed her emotions more than a hundred words or gestures ever could.

"Oui, Raffy et Teague are joining circuses, mais what I know of you, you most certainement should not."

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